Sunday, August 21, 2011

Rantings from the Yellow Bird - Final Fantasy and What Squeenix Is Doing Wrong

Yeah I kinda been ignoring this blog for a bit, mostly cuz of other things and the fact I forgot I had it. Anyways figured to use it for it's real purpose - to rant. And these are just personal opinions, some influenced by others. I will be posting a usual rant about something I don't like in video games or anything related like movies, music, and general things in every day life. I figured the first rant would be most appropriate to be Final Fantasy related, as I love that series to death, but with love comes much hatred with it sometimes as well, and I got a few bones to pick with Square-Enix (who I call Squeenix).

First and foremost, if you haven't seen the Final Fantasy Retrospective on Gametrailers, I suggest doing so immediately as you will see where I am coming from with this. Second, my top 5 fave games of the series are as follows: IV, VII, XII, IX, and I. I started out in the series with FFVI (known as FFIII on the SNES), and I have played every game within the core series while keeping up with the side games and sequels at a steady pace (thought it is difficult when games are Japanese only, but I do my best).

Final Fantasy has, and always will be Squeenix's testing ground for new things that will eventually stay within the series, or be completely ditched (see FFII's leveling system). However as the saying goes, "if it ain't broke, why fix it?". Let me jump right in with FFXIII, and why it isn't a Final Fantasy. It's not. Yeah there are Chocobos, and subtle FF references, but on top of that, it to me was not FF game. It was straight up sci-fi/modern world that was a huge sidestep from the medieval/fantasy themes that the past games had. Although FFVII and FFVIII did get away with this, but they kept other FF staples which pinned them to the genre. My personal bias on FF games is that they should comprise of what FF is, and it has to be more than just using the name as it's moniker (see Spirit's Within). Final Fantasy is a fantasy game, set in a fantasy world similar to something out of Hyrule or Middle Earth with some Steampunk thrown in to make it more industrialized than it should. The first six games, IX, XI and XII did just that while X took a different spin on it, but nevertheless stuck to the original recipe. Those were the games I grew up with. As I said, VII and VIII took their worlds to be an offshoot of modern day earth, but they did it right and Square (at the time SquareSoft) immediately reminded us what FF was with IX following up. Ever since IX, I been wanting a game that goes back to its roots with that nostalgic feel. X was different XI nailed it, but because it is online, I never was able to get the full advantage of it and I hate online games. XII somewhat got it, but it wasn't what I was looking for (although the game was much a great tribute to FF games as it made the most references like IX). XIII was not my cup of tea. The only thing I did like about the game was the Paradigm system (but that is a gameplay aspect which I may delve into later). XIV was what I was hoping for, but with the knowledge of it being online, I turned my back on it immediately. However my wish was granted by Squeenix when they released The 4 Heroes of Light, which ironically enough is a spinoff and not a core game in the series (and even lacked the traits of what FF is like Chocobos and Moogles).

With each new game cuz new gameplay aspects for the series. II introduced an interesting leveling system (but was dropped), III had summons and job system, IV brought the Active Time Battle system, V played more on the job system while VI played differently with magic and gameplay. VII had Materia, VIII had Junctioning and the Draw System, IX was similar to VI, X had conditional turn based battle system and Sphere Grid, XI was fuckin online, and XII had Gambits, License Board and active dimension battle system. XIII had the Paradigm system, and I that is what I liked about the game. Paradigm system was basically a refined Job system, and not a far cry of what X-2 did. The Job system is what Square did right, but they don't use it as often as they should (only present in III, V, X-2, and Tactics).

But as my friend said, a true FF fan will play through the shitty games to get to the good ones. And I played them. Because the outcome was 4 Heroes of Light and Dissidia. Dissidia is an FF fans wet dream, with their fave protagonists and antagonists duking it out, and it actually develops the plot and background further for the game that started it all: Final Fantasy I.

But I digress. The point I am making is that Squeenix needs to stop testing new shit for newcomers. Because newcomers won't understand why an FF game is medieval (when it' predecessor was futuristic). It confuses the hell out of them (see the transition from VII to IX). And when the newcomers like the new shit, than Squeenix will stick with it and that is what I am afraid of. Hopefully FFXV will not disappoint.


Sunday, July 31, 2011

BrickFair 2011

So BrickFair is right around the corner, literally. I will be there from Thursday - Monday, and I will be on the inside of all things. I'll be coordinating the Steampunk Theme for the third time, and I will also be managing the Moon Bounce as well on Saturday and Sunday. And I may help out the BrickForge table too if I have the time.

Hope to see you there!


Sunday, July 24, 2011


When it comes to Lego fig customizing, Pokemon is one of the challenging themes. But there are those who can figure out the obstacles and bust out the perfect fig scaled Pokemon. Stormbringer managed to do just that with my fave 3rd Generation Pokemon - Metagross. For those who are Poke-illiterate, Metagross is a Psychic/Steel Pokemon and a real bad ass Pokemon too. Check out Stormbringer's stream, ad he has more Pokemon with trainers!


1...2... Freddy's coming for Noob....

It was recently announced at the San Diego Comic-Con that the 4 DLC for MK9 is Freddy Krueger. While I do hate that the spot is taken up by a non-MK character, I do somewhat feel he is the most appropriate for the game considering his nature. He is based on the rebooted version and sports two of his signature gloves. Sadly he is the last MK DLC character, for now.


Wednesday, July 20, 2011

I AM 8 BIT Sand Sculpture

Found this pretty thing via Dorkly (which was found through GeeksAreSexy). Made by professional carver Guy-Olivier Deveau, it showcases 4 iconic video games and their protagonists. At the top is Mario (Super Mario Bros) going for the mushroom while under him is Mega Man (Mega Man) and a Black Mage (Final Fantasy), with Link (Legend of Zelda) right under them with his various equipment. Truly is a fantastic tribute to the games we grew up with.

Guy also has made other fantastic works in ice and wood and you should totally check them out.


Tuesday, July 19, 2011

"The Batman must come back... he must... he must..."


With the conclusion of Harry Potter came the teaser for the conclusion of the Nolan Batman series. I have had mixed feelings about the movie for awhile ever since it was announced.

First thing I don't like the title and never will. With The Dark Knight, I always thought a possible sequel name would just be The Caped Crusader or just simply Batman. But I know it won't change.

Second when I first heard about the announcement of Bane being the villain and Selina Kyle (with the possibility of becoming Catwoman) also in the film, the feelings became more mixed. I am aware that Nolan and Goyer originally said that the Penguin would be difficult to portray, plus the given comment of wanting to introduce villains that haven't been before for future films (i.e. the Burton/Shumacher films). While Bane was in Batman & Robin previously, I consider him a new and unused villain because he did jack shit in B&R and the role was hideous. In fact that movie was bad itself. And then hearing that he was gonna be portrayed by Tom Hardy? Yeah wtf. Bane is South American, and Tom Hardy is definitely not even close. He is a full blown Brit. I kinda wish Nolan would stop using Brits for his movies. But I had the same doubts with Heath Ledger being the Joker, and he did a fantastic job. So maybe Hardy can pull it off. As for Selina Kyle, fuck that bitch.

Third, I was kinda hoping for the Riddler and, if possible, Hush. Given that the Nolan series is as realistic as it can get, Hush would have been perfect (he is one of my fave villains too with Mr. Freeze and Joker being the other two). I even had a possibly story with it too with Hush seeking revenge on Wayne for his mother's death at the hands of Thomas Wayne, and teaming up with a guy named Edward Nashton (Riddler) who apparently figured out Batman's identity. The Riddler would coax Batman out of hiding with his riddles by putting the public into danger, but Arkham City is kinda playing that card so I'm fine with that.

Fourth and I swear this is my last point, Nolan didn't have to succumb to the fans of wanting more Batman. He even made the point himself, "how many good third movies in a franchise can people name?", which adds to the fact that the more people want, the more boring it can get. But the fact that the whole project is being a done as a conclusion and ending and not as an expansion, I think it is safe to say that the Batman will not return after Nolan retires from the series. And after seeing the trailer and just feeling the emotion brought by Gordon, I know this movie will be talked about for years to come as solidifying a great trilogy.


Saturday, July 16, 2011

Robotic MegaMan

Dr. Light sure has been busy. Put together by andy_0306uk, this artwork shows the inner workings of MegaMan. You really have to appreciate the work that goes into mosaics, because at times they are not as easy they appear. Andy has other works in his gallery so he isn't new in this area of Lego. Hope to see more to come.

Shout out to fellow bird.

I just want to personally thank Cygnet of the UglyDuckling Blog for making my logo. It is made completely out of Lego. Very fitting.


Make it Rain

Fans of Mortal Kombat should be excited with this announcement. Personally I can't wait to download him.

Rain first made his appearance in Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3, which was a re-release of MK3 and featured a lot of characters like Scorpion that were absent. Rain retains his original moves from UMK3 and his new ones from Armageddon. His appearance resembles his original look mixed with his royal attire.



Press Start to begin...

Welcome to the 8-Bit Brick, a place where you shall hear the thoughts from a gaming AFOL. Entries will be about games and Lego or just random ramblings. I'm not expecting much of a crowd, but I need a bigger place to say what I want since Twitter and Facebook limit me.

Thanks for stopping by. :)


Sunday, June 5, 2011


Been awhile since I have ever blogged, but after seeing people using this site, I've decided to get back into it.

For those who don't know me, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Shilo. I am an Adult Fan of LEGO who enjoys playing video games. I make custom LEGO minifigs based on video game characters, specifically from games that I love the most. I go by the moniker of ChocoBricks Customs on flickr, while I use the name Omicron (or Volar) elsewhere.

What I intend with this blog is to share my love of LEGO and video games together, basically showcasing LEGO video game mocs or customs, or just simply ramble about nerdy stuff in general. I know the blog looks very bleak and boring now, but I shall change it.