Tuesday, July 19, 2011

"The Batman must come back... he must... he must..."


With the conclusion of Harry Potter came the teaser for the conclusion of the Nolan Batman series. I have had mixed feelings about the movie for awhile ever since it was announced.

First thing I don't like the title and never will. With The Dark Knight, I always thought a possible sequel name would just be The Caped Crusader or just simply Batman. But I know it won't change.

Second when I first heard about the announcement of Bane being the villain and Selina Kyle (with the possibility of becoming Catwoman) also in the film, the feelings became more mixed. I am aware that Nolan and Goyer originally said that the Penguin would be difficult to portray, plus the given comment of wanting to introduce villains that haven't been before for future films (i.e. the Burton/Shumacher films). While Bane was in Batman & Robin previously, I consider him a new and unused villain because he did jack shit in B&R and the role was hideous. In fact that movie was bad itself. And then hearing that he was gonna be portrayed by Tom Hardy? Yeah wtf. Bane is South American, and Tom Hardy is definitely not even close. He is a full blown Brit. I kinda wish Nolan would stop using Brits for his movies. But I had the same doubts with Heath Ledger being the Joker, and he did a fantastic job. So maybe Hardy can pull it off. As for Selina Kyle, fuck that bitch.

Third, I was kinda hoping for the Riddler and, if possible, Hush. Given that the Nolan series is as realistic as it can get, Hush would have been perfect (he is one of my fave villains too with Mr. Freeze and Joker being the other two). I even had a possibly story with it too with Hush seeking revenge on Wayne for his mother's death at the hands of Thomas Wayne, and teaming up with a guy named Edward Nashton (Riddler) who apparently figured out Batman's identity. The Riddler would coax Batman out of hiding with his riddles by putting the public into danger, but Arkham City is kinda playing that card so I'm fine with that.

Fourth and I swear this is my last point, Nolan didn't have to succumb to the fans of wanting more Batman. He even made the point himself, "how many good third movies in a franchise can people name?", which adds to the fact that the more people want, the more boring it can get. But the fact that the whole project is being a done as a conclusion and ending and not as an expansion, I think it is safe to say that the Batman will not return after Nolan retires from the series. And after seeing the trailer and just feeling the emotion brought by Gordon, I know this movie will be talked about for years to come as solidifying a great trilogy.


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